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Master Chief

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DESIGNATION:  Master Chief Petty Officer John-117

HEIGHT: 7ft 2in (218cm)

WEIGHT: 286.6lbs (130kg)

At the age of six, a boy named John was abducted and conscripted into the top secret SPARTAN-II project where he was trained and indoctrinated for a life of combat. His body was augmented to unprecedented levels of strength, resiliency, and speed, and he was encased in the revolutionary Mjolnir battle armor. As a Spartan, he rose to the rank of Master Chief during humanity’s struggle for survival against the Covenant. In 2552, his discovery of the Halo Array and its architects, the Forerunners, propelled mankind to victory, but at a cost. The Chief’s narrow escape from the Forerunner installation known as the Ark eventually set him on a collision course with humanity’s deadliest threat yet.

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